Most companies want more customers and less hassles. Delivering real potential, less hassle customers, is the act of expert marketing. It weeds out those leads that are not a good fit. It reaches out into your universe to bring the best potential customers to your door. It can even convert them into wanting to be your customer before they ever contact you. It oversees your online reputation. Expert marketing can save you $7 in sales related costs for every $1 spent.


Some people think marketing is just advertising. That's like saying a banana is the same as a banana cream pie. Advertising is just an ingredient of marketing. So is selling the same as marketing? Marketing and sales overlap but in todays world of instant knowledge and digital automation, marketing has taken on the job of sales, not the other way around. Selling is the process of converting leads (potential customers) into paying customers. If you are not properly marketing then a lot of time and money is being wasted. Great marketing calls out to your market, weeds out the disinterested, turns potential customers into likely customers and it sometimes can close the sale, all without any human contact. 


Marketing in today's world requires deeper understandings, regular attention and proper execution. Too much, too little or the wrong implemetation of marketing and your business can lose credibility both with your potential customers but also with the search engine giants that determine our success. Proper and constant online updates and engagement is required. Management of your online reputation is also critical. Wrong shortcuts, or trying to trick the system, can quitely deem your presence as illegitimate. Expert marketing keeps you visible. Don't do anything to make your online presence quitely disappear.   


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